Date: February 9 - 3
Time: 10:00 am - 04:00 pm
Ticket Price: Free entry

Location: NEXIS Narrogin Exhibition Space

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Join us for the opening of an exhibition of works by Albany artist Annette Davis. The connection between nature and history is the inspiration for Continuity which is on display at NEXIS from 9 February until 3 March, 2019.

6-8pm Friday 8th February
NEXIS (Narrogin Exhibition Space) 82 Federal St, Narrogin
RSVP to or (08) 9881 6987

9 February – 3 March
Gallery Hours: WED – SAT 10AM-4PM, SUN 1PM-4PM

As an artist Annette Davis is interested in experiencing a location and trying to convey a sense of place in her art.  Her approach is to spend time in a place and to take impressions of a location, literally, by making a frottage, a rubbing, of forms in the landscape.  In Continuity, fourteen rubbings of rivergums that grow along the Murchison River will be shown.  These rubbings have been made each year over the last 8 years.  With a 10 metre roll of calico, Annette lays the cloth out along the branch of a tree and carefully rubs charcoal onto the calico to capture the texture of the bark and the form of the branch.  These frottaged lengths will be suspended in the Main Gallery at the Vancouver Arts Centre.

The form of a tree trunk and its branches tell the story of seasonal change, floods and droughts.  Many trees have dead branches or have dropped branches, in response to a drought, and then huge downpours and wind can cause other damage, making branches fall and crash into branches below.

“The twisting branches and gnarled trunks of the rivergums fascinate me.  Sometimes growing out of rocky ledges, often sprawling along the banks of the gullies, I’m interested in the tree as a symbol of growth and as a witness to changing seasons and to history” explains Annette.

Continuity includes drawings, ink paintings, photography, textiles and large scale frottages of tree branches inspired by the Murchison River area of Western Australia.